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'Absolute Happiness'
The Whole Untold Story

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Do you realise how great your life could be? Imagine it filled with joy and happiness – just like young children, who are thrilled and excited by so many of the things they experience.

You can regain that joy of living and, in fact, what you should be experiencing is that your happiness increases and grows deeper with each year that passes.

But this natural expansion into ever-increasing happiness, inner strength, confidence and optimism is restricted. Life becomes a roller coaster, or perhaps like being stuck in a swamp

You face struggles and challenges, instead of increasing energy and joy.

This is called normal life – but it is not how you were born to live.

In truth, you are here on this planet to become a fully alive being, a source of light and strength, a person who can enjoy living to the full, who can be creative, wealthy, and have a great career and a life filled with love.

This is called Absolute Happiness. Which is the skill to create what you want as well as feel full of optimism and courage.

So many people just walk through life in a semi-trance. They say it’s not possible to be happy and fulfilled. They are the people who have given up. There is no hope for them.

But that is not you! The fact that you are here, absorbing this knowledge, reveals that you have something else going on, some drives or hidden resources you can release and use.

Maybe it is only a glimmer, or maybe it is a deep knowledge that there must be something more than this daily repetition and living in an ordinary state of consciousness.

You are right, there is much, much more. All the greatest beings in the world have said there is something amazing and totally inspiring that can bring you to a state of complete and absolute happiness.

You can live a far more enjoyable, interesting and fulfilling life. It can be beyond your wildest dreams. It is yours for the taking, but you do not know where to look or find it, or how to do it.

And where is that source of a far better and more inspiring and joyful life?

Right within you – you just have to know how to wake it up and release it continually through your system.

Here in this book, ‘Absolute Happiness’, which for a limited time is totally free, is a formula, used for thousands of years, but kept hidden from the masses.

It is a manual of how you can live the best life possible.

It is filled with clear explanations of what to do, many simple steps to follow, straightforward techniques and methods, which you can easily integrate into your everyday life.

It will show you how your mind works, how you have become the person that you are, how you have created all the experiences you have had so far, and how to awaken more of your inner power, to help you create a fabulous and fulfilling life from now on.

Over 100,000 people have bought this book in its physical form. And more than 220,000 have attended my live seminars about the identical knowledge, which is contained in it.

I have gathered together for you the most ancient and modern wisdom, from both the East and the West, scientific and intuitive, mainstream and alternative, about your mind and consciousness. All these will give you amazing insights into who and what you are, and how to live a brilliant and, if you wish, an extraordinary life from now on.

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'Absolute Happiness'
The Whole Untold Story

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