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Rejuvenate Now

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Course Description

Course includes:
  • 8 sessions
  • 8 PDF's
  • 8 Audio's (6hrs)

This course will teach you how to Rejuvenate Your Body, Revitalise Your Health, Increase Your Energy and Become Young Again.

What you will get in the course:

This unique method is a fantastic and complete picture of rejuvenation and vibrant health encompassing: 

  • The ancient secret knowledge of the Yogis, Shamans & Meditators 
  • Methods from other traditional mystical paths for Healthy Life Extension  
  • Present day mainstream medical advances and discoveries  
  • Intelligent alternative solutions  
  • The extraordinary powers of the mind for healing and physical effects  
  • The best diet and nutrients  
  • The removal of any early life instructions to age more quickly    
  • Dissolving of unhealthy physical imitation and influence of parents 
  • Protection against ‘Lifestyle’ diseases and help reversing them 
  • Rebuilding your body from the ‘blueprint’ up 
  • Amazing healing stories to uplift and inform you of possibilities 
  • Inspirational videos, interviews and articles of leading edge thinkers  
  • Life extension secrets of the oldest tribes in the world 
  • How special breathing methods help you rejuvenate rapidly 
  • Protecting yourself from the bodies suggestibility 
  • How to Detox properly 
  • Developing the power of hands on healing 
  • How slow shock and stress must be eliminated 

……… and much more 

This whole field is a stunning revelation of exactly what your body is and how to master it in a far more conscious way. 

Once you use the Rejuvenation techniques provided in this course, you will notice a difference within ten days. Signs that the techniques are working for you include:

  • Being bright-eyed and sparkling with life
  • Filled with of the energy and enthusiasm of youthfulness 
  • Your skin begins to restore to a youthful glow  
  • Reversing the drying out of hair 
  • Experiencing weight loss – continuing with the methods provided allows you to never have to struggle with it again 
  • Increase the strength of your immune system 
  • Spring out of bed in the morning completely refreshed 
  • Experience a joyful exuberance at just being alive 
  • Increase in your power of attraction (and the more energy you have the more physically attractive you are, when you begin to feel power and courage within yourself, you attract those who have the same energy) 
  • Developing an ideal body shape - lean, toned, flexible and even improving your posture

The best idea is to integrate all the different branches of rejuvenation so you can take charge of your life in a completely new way. 

Michael studied this for over forty years and saw many fads come and go.  

Michael also has seen what works to really rejuvenate you, not only for healing, but also for the prevention of rapid ageing and the awakening of the body as a vehicle for the Superconscious and Grace.