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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions that have been commonly asked in the past.

What does your site do?

Our Website focuses on providing a clear understanding of what Paulina and Michael Domeyko Rowland's mission is and how we can provide a foundation for self development for people of all ages and backgrounds. Through multiple courses on every aspect of using techniques and skills to improve and uplift your life, there are over fifty different products that Paulina and Michael wrote together over the course of 34 years.

What is the recommended course for a beginner?

The Happiness Mega pack is a popular course that includes four of Michael's most highly rated and revered courses; 'You and Your Life' (A course attended by over 85,000 people), 'The Real Law of Attraction', 'Ten Commitments' and 'Making Decisions'.

I can't afford this right now...

Don't see this as another bill, what you'll find is that the course is an investment in yourself. When you invest in yourself you add value to you, you increase your money making abilities! You might discover talents, abilities and ideas in regards to making money that you were not aware you had.

Michael gives you practical tools and methods to reprogram your mind in regards to wealth so that you are able to attract more money into your life. This is a window of opportunity in your life, I really encourage you to take it and begin to experience the benefits immediately.

 Levels of wealth are often a mirror to the mind, and reflect very clearly the levels of conditioning and confusion many of us have about money. without clearing these limiting beliefs and discovering you can access other parts of you that know how to make lots of money it is very hard to make anything go forward in your life.

I'm not interested in making money...

Are you interested in improving your life? The techniques that Michael is going to teach you are applicable to any area in your life. Everyone would like to improve an aspect of their life, whether it be focusing your energy on travelling, creative pursuits or improving your relationships.

Michael teaches how the mind works, how to access intuition and how concentration can be the greatest skill you can ever develop. You will be surprised at how many new ideas you get from Michael to take your life to the next level.

I have no time to apply the courses...

This is a home study course that you can work on at your own pace. Michael's teachings can be applied very quickly or slowly, the effect in the end will be the same.

I have read the book 'Absolute Happiness'

The book contains about 30 - 40% of what is in the course. Michael includes a much larger variety of techniques and methods that people can use to create their ideal life. Many people who have read the book have found that they get very inspired and motivated to actually apply the techniques and shift along their life in amazing ways.

I've studied this area on my own...

You'll be surprised at how many new ideas and techniques you'll get from Michael which could make all the difference to you, and take to the next level in your life. Michael includes in his courses information from the worlds leading minds and could save you enormous time and effort. Many people have applied Michael's courses and found that the way he puts information together in such a practical way, has really inspired them to apply what they know.

I have attended other courses on the mind...

Michael wrote the courses himself and put the latest discoveries and information from the leading minds around the world, so it's highly likely you'll find this course totally different and full of ideas to take your life to the next level.

Michael includes leading edge information, especially information on relationships which allow you to truly connect on much deeper levels that many think is not possible.

Many people have attended a lot of other personal growth courses but comment on that Michael's way of putting the information together in an easy way to apply the knowledge with such a variety of practical techniques that have really inspired them to apply what they know. You will be surprised at the depth of Michael's knowledge and the things you'll learn about yourself.

I am a student so I cannot make time

The techniques that Michael will teach you will allow you to:

  • Focus your mind and improve memory and concentration
  • Give you clarity in regards to your career and future prospects, you'll be able to set goals and get a framework for your life as a whole
  • Use the techniques to get a clear vision for your future and see yourself with a degree
  • Use the techniques for exams as well as to stay relaxed and release stress (it works extremely well for this)

My life is perfect the way it is / as great as it can get already

Do you feel that there might still be something that you haven't found yet? Because Michael will show you what that is, how you can feel more blissful within yourself, evolve yourself, open up other areas of your mind to become more creative, more intuitive and more energised.

Does Michael have a degree?

What Michael does is research and collate the information from leading phD's around the world on this subject. The information that Michael has put together is leading edge and is not taught in this format at university. We have had many doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists who have come along and been thrilled to add this knowledge to what they already know. Many of them have sent their clients to the course as well.

It goes against my beliefs to meditate

Meditation is not a religious practice, in the sense of a ritual. It is simply a focusing technique to focus the mind without distraction on what you are doing. The vast majority of professional sports people practice meditation daily. It's like reading a fascination article in a magazine, and as you become more involved sound around you fade into the background.

I'm too old to apply these courses...

People of all ages have found through theses courses that:

  • Discovered new hobbies
  • Created new opportunities to travel
  • Have learnt how to have more energy and greater concentration
  • Have begun exploring new creative options
  • gained insights into health problems that led to solutions
  • Do you have grandchildren? You'll gain insights on how to improve relationships with them, as well as with your own children
  • Gain a natural motivation to do things, experience a 'shift' within yourself.