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Totally Master Your Life

Here is the First Requirement of the Truly Successful:

Use this as an analogy for your own life:

Imagine a flock of thousands of birds flying very fast in formation across the clear blue sky, swooping across the treetops, screeching and squawking.

One suddenly breaks away, deciding to go his or her own way, going against the flood of beating feathers. Some of the pack look back. But it is too late. The escapee is gone, racing in the opposite direction.

But looking for what? Freedom? A better life? An opportunity to stretch their wings without being held back?

So which are you in your life right now? In the pack – or going in a new direction to advance your career abilities, your relationships, your whole life?

Now is the time to make the decision.

It doesn’t necessarily mean doing anything radical. It means releasing more of your talents, growing and improving yourself in any way at all, and enjoying a richer experience of your life.

A great way to start is to ask yourself Tom Cruise’s question:

“Are you who you want to be? Are you where you want to be? If not, why not?”

The truly successful have tremendous access to unlimited and amazing reserves of energy, creativity, intuition and motivation.

What could your life really be if the genie came out of the bottle? What would you want? What lifestyle would you prefer to live? Where would you like to be in your career or any other area if you could have anything at all?

Who is Going to Give You Permission to Succeed?

You first step is to realise all successful people are self-appointed. They don’t wait to be called forward. They prepare themselves. They look the world in the face and see what the opportunities are.

Then they put up their hand and say: “I’m ready”.

They have their plans in place.

Always remember, if you don’t make your own plans then you will be playing a part in someone else’s.

And what plans do you think they will have for your well-being?

Not many, if any at all.

How to Make it Happen

The most important action you can take for your own success and promotion is to have a new vision of how you can improve yourself and where you want to arrive in your own development.

Hold onto that vision and if you do you will form yourself into someone who can live it by following the next two steps.

Then watch the opportunities to do so spontaneously appear in your life.

Because life, as you shall see, has a strange habit of turning you into whatever you hold in your mind.

Your Most Important Quality

Your second step to fulfil your vision as quickly as possible, is total commitment to it.

Even if you are undecided about what to do, there is always something you can do to improve yourself and find new ways of expressing who you are.

Full commitment to your own success – which starts with the simple decision: ‘I will be successful’ – is the unavoidable ingredient to your progress.

Did Steve Jobs sit around wondering what to do with his life?

Is Richard Branson half-hearted about who he is and what he does?

Did Elon Musk throw in the towel when SpaceX’s Rocket exploded just after take off?

Failure is not an option to wallow in. It is a stepping-stone to your next action.

Exactly What to Do

Commitment means to become that which you are committed to.

Imagination is your real power. In many ways it is your only power, because it motivates every decision you make, all the actions you take and every behaviour you express.

Discover how to use your imagination properly, guide it as much as possible, become more aware of your inner life, and you will race ahead.

If you don’t deliberately use your imagination to uplift your life, your only other option is to repeat the patterns of the past forever.

The Ultimate Requirement of Real Success

This is the third step and the most important. Take up meditation. There are countless successful people, in all fields of life, who meditate.

It has been used and proven on millions of people over thousands of years.

Meditation means the ability to dissolve stress and so open up the higher faculties of your mind.

It is the method Steve Jobs learnt in his youth and carried through his life.

Clint Eastwood, the seven-decade top film star, director and musician, who is still directing successful films at 85 years old, also uses this technique and has for forty years.

Ray Dalio, founder and head of the largest Hedge Fund in the world, Bridgewater Associates, and personally worth $15 billion, said: “Meditation, more than anything in my life, is the biggest ingredient of whatever success I’ve had”.

With proper meditation you gain effortless access to unlimited and amazing reserves of energy, intuition, innovation, creativity and real happiness deep within your being.

It also helps you greatly to remove all stress in the easiest and fastest way, as well as sleep well and becoming a relaxed yet highly efficient person.

I have found its benefits spread right through the whole of life, helping everything: your mind becomes much sharper and more positive, your relationships can improve, you will become more energised and so biologically attractive, your creativity can open up in amazing ways, the deep rest it gives you makes you feel so much better, as well as energised and you find your life can take on a wonderful fully alive quality.

So, if you want real help to have a truly successful life, discover what meditation really is and do it. It is remarkably easy and very enjoyable.

Couple it with the other two steps of your vision and the idea of appointing yourself to what you want to do and then you have the ideal formula for success.