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How to Transform Your Life

Our lives are essentially completely conditioned by the time we reach around eleven years old. Naturally a dramatic event can add to or change our direction in life, but for most, we are set up before we are really able to rationally understand what has happened.

What this means is that we play out that program unconsciously for the rest of our lives, usually being totally unaware that what is happening to us is actually coming from our own ‘biological computer’. We tend to project all our negativities onto other people or groups, which of course only turns us into a victim. That which you are conscious of you can do something about. That which you are unconscious of completely controls you. So if you have a program that went in when you were young, that is now deep in your unconscious memory, it will run your life, without you being aware of it even being there.

Personal transformation is all about becoming more conscious of yourself and being able to create a new, more fulfilling and enjoyable future. To do this you need to do three things. First of all assess your life right now. Really detail all the different areas such as relationships, career, creativity, inner feelings, finances, health and so on. Write down where you are and what you are happy with, and what you are not happy with, and would like to see improved. It is very important to do this. Many people want to change their lives but avoid the absolute necessity of identifying exactly where they are. You need to think it out carefully and truthfully. It is quite a revelation to detail your present circumstances. It allows you to really see what needs to be done. And remember, your whole life is a projection of what is held within your mind. It is a clear mirror to where you are internally, albeit unconsciously.

The second step is what I call ramification thinking. This will save you decades of fruitless attempts to create your life in the way that you want to enjoy it. It is absolutely essential to be able to think through carefully all the ramifications that will occur as a result of your choices. This is often overlooked in the first flush of excitement when you realise you can have the life experiences that you want. It is easy to avoid consideration of what is coming. People often decide they would like a great deal of money. They imagine what they will do with it and how life will become easy and so on. But what they forget is the time and activities they will need to undertake in order to accumulate the fortune which appears so attractive. They also forget the work they need to do with their own minds, to reprogram then to allow more money into their lives. These things take time and concentrated effort. The rewards will be there, but it is essential to take the necessary actions. So many people are deluded in their beliefs about personal transformation. They imagine that it is just a matter of repeating a few affirmations or day dreaming about winning the lotto and then all their troubles will be over. This is a wishy washy attitude that brings no results. This leads us to the third step.

If you want to be truly successful you will be systematic and very conscious about what you are doing. Creating a new experience of life requires you to be precise and specific about what it is that you want and, most importantly, what the steps are that you are going to follow in order to achieve those goals.

There is nothing more rewarding than improving your life in any way whatsoever, and there is nothing more frustrating than living a life experience that you would rather avoid. Once you have identified what it is that you want to change, and you have thought through all the ramifications of the new desires to ensure you are happy with what you are going for, then you need to lay out a carefully planned series of actions you are going to take in order to bring the new experiences into your life. Work them out so they are efficient and effective, and put them in chronological order. Then follow them precisely. You will be surprised just how easily they will then come into your life.

Most people fail to achieve what they want because they, one, don’t plan properly or, two, they don’t realise that it is they who have to change before their lives can change. Transformation means to rise above what you are, and go beyond what you have been conditioned to be. Life holds many opportunities for you to really enjoy and fulfil yourself to degrees which are unimaginable. Learn about yourself, in particular your mind, and learn about how life works. Follow these steps and you will be easily able to achieve your desires.