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Awaken More of Your Mind

Lets now explore a mind-expanding body of knowledge that will give you the greatest gift of all.

People have always wondered about the Universe – how it is able to exist and what the intelligence is that keeps it functioning.

They also wonder who and what they actually are and what their own personal intelligence is, which creates all their life experiences. And, more importantly, what it is that they can do to improve, uplift and reinvent themselves and recreate their lives.

And a few more want to know how is it that they can access and enjoy the highest and most fulfilling experiences of all, which is to merge with the intelligence of life itself that exists throughout all of creation.

For thousands of years, in the ashrams, monasteries and mystery schools, tucked away in the mountains, forests and deserts all over the world, people have looked within to find the answers to these secrets of life.

Because, one thing is for sure, you are never going to find what it is that creates and runs your life outside of yourself. You have to go within.

Let us look and see what these ancient secrets are, so you can apply them in your own life to bring you the rewards and experiences you want.

The Rules of Life Mastery

Most people believe that life happens to them, and if they’re lucky it will be good and if they are unlucky, it will be bad.

This is the delusion that most live under, and all that it does is dis-empower them. This happens to over 90% of the population.

Because, if you believe that something outside of yourself is creating your life then you have to wait, like a victim, to see if you’re going to be granted the things that you want.

There are constant thought streams that flow through most people’s minds, without their conscious knowledge, that hold them in a fishing net of restrictive beliefs for their whole life.

These come from your family, schooling, social conditioning, religion and past experiences in general. They are all saying one thing: You have minimal power. You are not in charge of your life. You are subservient to outside forces.

Essentially, your own thoughts are subconsciously telling you that you must toe the line, and not live as you please.

The only solution for you is to take back the power of your life to yourself, to stop giving it away to these unseen and imagined outside forces.

The joy, the happiness, the confidence, the creativity, the great relationships and the financial freedom that this brings, gives you the most marvellous life of all.

The more you free yourself and draw your power back, the more you are filled to the full with energy. Your heart awakens, love flows and your life becomes a series of one extraordinary experience after another.

You know, with absolute certainty that this is how you should live, that this is what it means to truly be a fully alive human being.

So here are all the steps of how to do it.

1). Your mind is a programmable device. It can be persuaded to believe anything and live out even the most extraordinary instructions, as you can see in any stage hypnotist’s show, or in the way cult leaders and dictators have total influence over their followers.

In fact it is truthful to say that we all live in a state of semi-awareness, of a hypnotic trance, living out the instructions and suggestions that were embedded in childhood.

To solve this you need to dehypnotise and free yourself from all the past impressions and, at the same time, embed new instructions as to how you want your life to be.

You can use this knowledge to reinvent yourself with any qualities you want. It is called rapid reconditioning.

The most skilled re-inventors are the greatest actors, and external ways to do this have well researched in the acting profession, by people such as triple Oscar winner Daniel Day Lewis. It is actually a series of easily understood steps.

2). Your mind is most easily embedded with new instructions in your inner space.

The inner space is a particular part of your being that you recognise from your dream world. It is like a new realm that you enter consciously.

Here re-creation and embedding work can be quickly and easily done. And, like a dog chasing a stick, the mind loves to respond.

There are three main ways to train the mind. The most effective way is to amalgamate all three methods together.

3). To work in the inner space requires extra energy.

You need more energy to stay conscious when you are directing and reconditioning your mind.

Without extra energy, it is easy to succumb to the normal habits of ‘monkey chatter’ and lose consciousness and so be propelled into the state of daydreaming.

Most people daydream their life away, watching their inner movies rather than creating the experiences they want. More energy stops that happening.

4). Your body is filled with vast untapped energies. You need to learn to release these untapped energies consciously and deliberately.

Chanting, meditation and special breathing methods, coupled with consciousness practices and defusing the past are the ways to build extra energy.

5). Once you are aware of this deeper mind space, you use a combination of special holistic self-instruction and embedding techniques, to rid yourself of restrictive, negative influences and implant new behaviours and experiences.

These will direct your mind to project your desires, which begin as thought and image forms, into the world and ‘clothe them in matter’ (as they say in the East).

6). Make space available within your being for your Superconscious.

Once you learn to put yourself into a higher state of consciousness, as well as increase your mind power, then everything can change.

This is essential, as your Superconscious or highest aspect of your mind, actually does the work of creation. It also spontaneously fills you instantly with the new ideas and solutions, as well as the exact actions and behaviours you need to take, in order to be able to create the experiences you want.

It is far easier to recreate your whole life by opening yourself to a higher state of consciousness, allowing your Superconscious to enter.

‘A higher state of consciousness’ means to greatly increase your energy, raise your vibration in a way that enhances your perception, so you can see more deeply into the world and other people, and carefully merge yourself with your Superconscious.

‘Increase your mind power’ means firstly to build the strength of your mind, like you build the strength of a muscle, and so be able to create what you want within your mind and then project that out into your life by ‘clothing in matter’ the thought forms or images.

This can be called The Law of Creation. It is a complete system, far more powerful than the law of attraction. Once you learn it, you have it for life.

By immersing yourself in these methods of meditation and life creation techniques for just a few minutes a day, you will learn to live in and use the realm where all dreams can come true.